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I strive to help patients with caring, insightful and practical solutions to the problems that they face. I work in a friendly, informal manner with patients. I dress casually and my office is unpretentious and full of playful artwork and objects.

I am very concerned with physical as well as mental health and hope to help people make that connection. Physical fitness is a key component of mental fitness. Exercise is an evidence based and safe approach to treating depression for instance, and when appropriate is an important part of all my treatment recommendations. While many people in Marin have already tried nonspecific alternative remedies before consulting with me I am interested in the use of evidence based alternative treatments in psychiatry.

As a psychiatrist with medical training I offer medications as well as psychotherapy in an effort to help people achieve better symptom relief and control over their lives. Psychiatrists are trained as doctors first and spend years learning general medicine before specializing in mental disorders. We are also thoroughly trained in psychotherapy. I have a background in psychodynamic psychotherapy and find that to be an elegant approach to understanding mental states and character structure. I have over the years become much more interested in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral solutions as a way to help people achieve even more impressive results.

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